Valour Finance Pays Back £20 million facility 2 years early

After securing a £20 million pound facility from Cairn Capital Valour repaid the facility 2 years early. This shows how quickly the company has grown, and is another step towards realising the ambition of being a completely externally debt free company.

The savings from servicing external debt can be passed onto our customers and enables us to reinvest the capital rather than servicing external corporate funders.
The company is set to be completely free of corporate funders, and this will further strengthen the company and insulate it from any interest rate rises or issues in the economy.

Corporate debt has increased in cost over the last couple of years, and so the strategy of not relying on any external funding will place Valour Finance in a unique and enviable position.
Valour Finance has ambitions to become not only the largest lender n the UK but to keep utilising the latest technology to become a neo bank providing credit builder E-accounts as well as unsecured loans.

Valour is keen to hear form any potential partners who have a foot print in Eu or developing countries to replicate its drastically growing lending business.