Valour pioneering fully functional LaaS

Valour is pioneering LaaS. Lending as a Service is an important extension of the fintech sector that doesn’t follow traditional financial channels. Private lender, credit unions, banks, and other entities can all benefit. LaaS leverages the power of new and modern technologies to surface the products and lending services to the consumers by going outside of these channels.

LaaS is a subset of BaaS (Banking as a Service), where businesses use cloud infrastructure and APS to create and manage their own financial services and reduce the dependency on traditional banking channels.

Moreover, LaaS is a part of embedded finance like BaaS and CaaS (Cards as a Service). It refers to the integration of payment processing, insurance, and lending into non-financial companies and businesses and removes the need to involve banks and other financial institutions in the whole process.
LaaS offers better accessibility to both consumers and owners of lending businesses. SMBs and rising startups can provide credit without going through the long and hectic process of loan processing. Let’s understand the relation of both terms through the examples of embedded finance and LaaS.
Embedded payments

Why Embedded Payments in Lending Are a Gamechanger. Embedded payments is one of the top embedded finance use cases. Services like Google Pay, Venmo, and Apple Pay, allows consumers to store their financial information and conduct all their transactions from one place.

BNPL (Buy now pay later)
BNPL as a Part of Embedded Finance BNPL is one of the top examples of embedded finance and LaaS. Consumers can purchase the product and pay the merchant in instalments. Besides presenting new payment options, it allows merchants to encourage customers to avoid discarding their shopping carts.

Embedded lending
Gone are the days when startups, SMBs, and entrepreneurs needed to go to banks to get a loan for the growth of their business. Valour’s investment in a lending as a service platform allow customers to obtain credit at the point of purchase.

Valour is committed to providing LaaS and loan management software to NBFI’s across the globe, and is focusing on India, South America and Africa as well as continuing to service partners in Europe and the US.