Valour software to power Brazilian Lender

Valour have signed a letter of intent to provide Lending as a Service to one of the largest finance companies in Brazil.

There current loan management software is just too slow and does not allow them to operate efficiently. The Valour software will enable them to scale up quickly and efficiently.
This is an exciting opportunity for Valour to work in South America and to increase the footprint in the region. Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has a young demographic and so there is a massive opportunity.

The lending software is ideal for high volume transactions, and is being amended to enable the Brazilian lender to do both face to face lending using a android tablet as well as web based applications.

There are 215,000,000 people in Brazil so the lender needed a platform which could scale drastically so after extensively testing alternate platforms they chose Valour for speed of database and software.

The Valour lending software runs rapidly even with a live book of 50,000 customers. The AWS cloud is used to host the software for security and optimum speed.
The Valour team are excited about the prospect of celebrating the launch of the loan software with a visit to the Rio carnival.