Fintech is in our DNA

We are the pioneers of ‘Lending as a Service’ LaaS creating the tech stack NBFI’s, Banks & Fintechs can use to launch their lending business quickly and effortlessly.

Our Loan Management Software or Lending as a Service 'LaaS' tech stack can power an array of different lending solutions

By Now Pay Later

Our customisable technology enables NBFIs, banks, retailers, startups, and fintechs to seamlessly offer instant instalments. Shorter duration BNPL or longer duration credit, finance solutions can be offered in a risk controlled and regulatory compliant manner. Our API based integration ensures quick and scalable deployments globally

Unsecured Loans

We have been providing unsecured loans in the UK for nearly 20 years, so we understand this business better than most other Fintech companies. Our lending platform is modular and can be quickly changed to suit any currency or business use. We can create a sand box testing environment for a new lending product launch within weeks.

Short Term Credit

Pay Day Loans, short term credit demand is increasing all over the world due to inflation and the increased costs of living. Whether you are looking to launch a pay day style loan in South America, Africa, or Eastern Europe we can provide the tech stack end expertise to ensure your new lending solution is a success.

Second Charge Loans

Our tech stack can be quickly amended to create a streamlined and efficient secured lending platform. The underwriters can use a cloud based CRM to value, and underwrite even complex non standard secured loans and second charge lending products. Our API’s and sand box environment ensure that the system is integrated with all third party software providers form land registry agencies to credit reference agencies.

Wherever you are around the world we always Welcome you to pop in for a coffee and a chat to see how our software or LaaS service can power your lending business

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The values that drive everything we do

We ensure we always maintain the highest standards in everything we do and that our core standards drive all of our decisions and company culture.


Be passionate about everything we do. Ensure all team members are enthusiastic and do anything to help our colleagues



Always ensure we conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and have strong principals of what is right however tough



The devil is always in the detail. Always be persistent, hard working and have full attention to quantifiable detailed data



Always be polite and respectful to our colleagues whatever their position, and continue this politeness to our customers



Be honest as it is always the best policy. Do not mislead, or lie, and always be open to both colleagues, regulators, and the



We must always question all of our practices and procedures to ensure we are always improving and leading by innovation

Why work with us

As an owner of a lender we understand the mechanics of lending just as much as we understand fintech. This experience makes us a unique Fintech partner for your new lending project.

Loan Management Software

Our loan management software has been proven and refined over many years.

It enables you to launch quickly within days or weeks by leveraging our open API’s
Our software includes an extensive report suite with real time wall boards and deep dig reports so that you can monitor your performance easily
We can change interface in minutes to amend currency, language and interest rates to completely suit your products. The collections process can be amended to suit your strategy
We can provide a full back office team from our call centre and administration offices in South Africa to handle all of your admin and collections processes.

Outpace your Competitors

We’ll help you build & launch quickly

Launch your new lending product quickly with our 50+ APIs, detailed documentation,

and licensing model assistance, including credit scoring, open banking and

underwriting modelling.

Comply with Confidence
We’ll help shoulder the regulatory burden We have experienced compliance professionals who work for us in the UK and several European countries so you have confidence that you will have the compliance support you need to make the important decisions regarding the launch of your lending product. Regulatory compliance, GDPR, AML, PCIDSS are all integral aspects to our LAAS solution
Level-up with Ease

We’ll do the difficult parts

Level the playing field with Valour’s LaaS platform. We can provide comprehensive

support throughout the lending process including key aspects of risk assessment,

customer journey, and the provision of customer support, forbearance and cash

collections processes. Get access to sales and marketing, technical assistance. Get

access to LaaS infrastructure, PCI widgets, and expert guidance to establish a robust

lending infrastructure enabling you to compete easily with and create a best in business


Scale Rapidly

We’ll help you expand

Expand your business into new markets with ease using Valour's pre-built lending

infrastructure. Customise and integrate it into your existing technology to launch new

lending and services in the Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, The Middle East

and beyond. Our expert support will help you navigate the complex regulatory

landscape of different markets, giving you the confidence to expand.

Partner with the Best

We'll raise the bar

Partner with the best in the fintech industry through Valour's strong partnerships with

top banks, schemes, and other finance related partners. Navigate the complex

regulatory landscape and make informed decisions to ensure you launch the right

lending product to ensure you achieve your desired ROI on your capital.

Latest tech embedded

Our tech stack already has online customer accounts as standard and is ready for IOS and Google play App launch with your branding. This reduces customer friction of application and account management

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