Our loan management software

It has been designed by lenders and proven and refined over many years.

It enables you to start lending within days or weeks by leveraging our open API’s Our software includes an extensive report suite with real time wall boards and deep dig reports so that you can monitor your performance easily
We can change interface in minutes to amend currency, language and interest rates to completely suit your products. The collections process can be amended to suit your strategy

We can provide a full back office team from our call centre and administration offices in South Africa to handle all of your admin and collections processes.

Application processing

Our software can integrate into your web site as an application form to enable real time loan applications imported via a simple API. We can also integrate or provide an online form in a secure area if your customers are in a store or branch.

Underwriting decisions

Real time decision making is now provided as a standard. Our loan management software can integrate into any of the credit reference agencies to check the credit score as the applicant is still entering their details. We can then link through I open banking if you wish to check details from the applicants bank account.

Bespoke solutions

Our loan management software can use either a bespoke or credit reference agency score to make a lending decision or can simply use an affordability assessment from open banking

Loan Management

Our loan management software will process and track each repayment from your customers and then export these straight into your accounting software. All of the complex and various scenarios including non payment, part repayment and early settlement can be managed easily and efficiently.

Customer Care

For missed repayments a collections work flow can be initiated and created to utilise SMS, email, letters and linked to a phone dialling platform to call the customer and let them know they are in arrears. The full collection contact strategy can be mapped out to ensure that the software provides your desired collections strategy

Real time report suite

Any aspect of customer report can be created to provide either a static or real time dynamic report. Applications, declines, number of searches, etc and amount lent are all easily reported upon and monitored in real time.

Deep dive reporting

All aspects of process and system reports can be monitored and tracked on a real time basis. There is an array of reports that already exist, however, other bespoke reports can be created to enable detailed tracking of all aspects of the software loan management system. All aspects of the process can be reported on.

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